Today every single man’s health depends on his habits, lifestyle, and attention which he pays for it. Scientists created some interesting tests to find golden rules which are going to explain to every single man the real opportunities which will bring the man’s health. The thing is that the age which suffers from ED starts somewhere close to the 40 years and that’s why we are going to concentrate the attention on the special rules for men over this age.

Bad habits and potency: golden rules for men over 40 to keep health.

1 rule – urologist should observe you minimum once a year

The thing is that health status should be observed in dynamic. It means specialist should have the results of your previous tests. It will help to create the correct conclusion about your health’s condition. So, ED means problems in the urogenital zone and sometimes in mental too. A lot of problems appears just because the man forgot to get regular observation and previous symptoms were ignored. For example, a lot of ED cases start from the morning erection changes. For example, it was regular but one day a man found that his morning started without this habitual sign of his manhood. Ones he forgot about that, but it happened again. He decided to wait – because it is something new in his life and there is no experience to solve it. As the result, after 3 months of waiting that the problem will be solved by herself, he got a cardiovascular disease which brought another one problem – regular lack of erection power. In case if this man will be a regular patient of the urologist, he probably would know that his doctor will help. It is the question of the trust. The thing is that in case if a man didn’t have a personal doctor, he feels shame to ask someone about a piece of advice. It is classic situation because when the problem concerns sex and penis, special mental protection turns on in men’s minds. But in case if that would be a habitual situation and doctor he can trust to, the problem will be solved without any effects.

2 rule – you should know that testosterone’s decrease is normal

Every man should remember that his health was built with the special features. One of them is regulation of the testosterone’s level. The thing is that this hormone’s level brings power and additional muscle growth. It is important if we talkingBad habits and potency: golden rules for men over 40 to keep health. about a young man who should create offspring. But when the age of active youth has already gone, the whole power should be concentrated on the supporting programs. It means that man’s health can’t spend whole energy and resources only for systems which were directed on the supporting of the previous target – children. Anyway, the period when testosterone’s level starts decreasing, it always comes mental problems. The thing is that most of the men are not ready to accept that their sexual power and energy now can’t be the same. It is a huge stress and the only one thing which will help to support these circumstances is understanding that it is a natural process. It doesn’t mean that it is the end of sex life. It only means that now man’s activity will be a little bit decreased. Most of the men associate this period with ED – that is not correct. The statistic shows that decreasing is pretty slow – about 5% per year, but the healthy lifestyle and sometimes pharmacy support can stop this process. In case if a man wants to keep his power, it is important to deny all bad habits.

3 rule – men’s health care in his hands

In case if someone was a fan of alcohol during whole his life and suddenly after 20 years of regular drinks decided to improve his health, it is probably will be too late. The care about health should be regular. Damage which health got in the youth will accompany man’s life. It means that every step should be done with the understanding that it will bring effect on sex life in future.

So, as you can see, 3 simple rules will take care about man’s sex life and decrease the risk of ED.