Smoking often leads to violations of efficiency of erectile action. Choosing an alternative option, guys will be useful to know about the impact of electronic cigarettes on their potency. After all, innovations do not stand still: vaping is gaining popularity!

Electronic cigarettes (or vapes) appeared on the shelves of stores relatively recently, in a short period, having gained popularity among smokers due to a slight (supposedly) unfavorable effect on the body.

Action of vapes

They look like usual ones. Inside the case, a cartridge with nicotine and auxiliary aromatic substances is hidden, as well as a small mechanism that lets out steam at the next “pull”. Thus, the smoking is just simulated.

Most scientific representatives argue that the harm from this type of smoking process is no less than of usual one. Does this electronic alternative affect the potency? Yes, and in the negative spectrum. After all, in the process of using vapes in a guy’s body, nicotine (the culprit of the provoking erectile complications) still gets into his body.

Effect on the potency

If we talk about this device through the prism of sexual activity, it is worth paying attention to the way in which vapes affect male power.

And here are the main criteria:

1. Nicotine is surely among the most powerful vasoconstrictors in nature. Because of its constantElectronic cigarettes and erection: finally the whole truth is out! intake into the body, the small vessels throughout your organism and the pelvic area are sharply narrowed. The blood flow is disturbed; the penis does not get enough nutrients. As a result, a guy has early problems in bed.

2. Vapes and potency are two incompatible notions also thanks to the psychological impact on a guy. Thinking that this type of smoking is less malicious to his body, a person starts smoking more often. This provokes a magnification in the nicotine content in his own blood, which further exacerbates the situation.

3. The constant existence of vessels in a reduced form promotes the development of atherosclerosis. If the pathological process first has a functional way and after the rejection of nicotine the situation may return to normal, then with the development of atherosclerotic plaques, there will be no turning back.

4. Any type of cigarette helps to reduce the quality of sperm. Male sex cells are damaged, become less mobile. Regular the use of electronic cigarettes leads to partial and then complete infertility.

With given the above factors, you need to think twice about whether the game is worth it. A hypothetical agent for reducing psychological stress can provoke impotence and the inability to produce offspring. Nevertheless, everyone decides for himself, what is more important to him.


Is it really so bad? Knowing about some adverse effect of vaping on potency, you need to remember about some favorable influence of vapes in relation to your body, when compared with the usual ones.

The most significant of them are:

1. No burning of resins and other excipients. They are mostlyElectronic cigarettes and erection: finally the whole truth is out! the basic carcinogen elements in usual cigarettes. Thanks to the use of an electronic analogue, the risk of developing lung cancer may be reduced.

2. Nice smell. The fact that a man smells normally after smoking is also a huge plus. You do not bother about “stale” breathing in the process of meeting with business partners and representatives of the fair sex.

3. Absence of thermal damage to the mucous membranes of the mouth. Helps prevent the development of small infectious foci. The chance of progression of malignant neoplasms in the oral cavity illnesses.

Mostly these alternative cigarettes are safer for the body, but still this does not apply to male erection. It suffers in any case.

Should I apply electronic cigarettes?

The best way to regain intimate power and self-confidence is to completely quit smoking. Mostly, this is extremely difficult.

But the result is worth it. Do not expect the retrieval of your libido and sexual activity on the first day of a “healthy” life. The organism may need from 2 to 10 years for complete purification from malicious chemicals and the renewal of the vascular condition. Considering this fact, it is worthwhile once again to think closely, whether it is necessary to start smoking at all.