At what age males are recommended intake of drugs to improve their potency?
In this case, age does not matter. To have an active intimate life a man has the right at any age. Surprising and conquering a woman should be a privilege for real men. Therefore, you should enjoy life at any age. Such preparations are especially recommended to present-day men. If you have a sedentary job, you are driving for a long time, have sex regularly, so feel free to go to the pharmacy and ask for the desired formulation. These drugs are created to maintain the level of male power.

Time to time I’m having a very unpleasant nagging pain in the prostate gland. My wife with a scandal sends me to the urologist, but I’m afraid to hear the terrible diagnosis of impotence. Maybe internally you may advise me any good drugs for home treatment?
I give you 99.9% of chronic prostatitis, while clearly, you launched it, way out in this situation, if you do not really want to hear the diagnosis of impotence, go to the doctor. Taking a drug that is not subscribed by a specialist and self-medicate can be the height of stupidity and recklessness, and is fraught with dire for you first of all with consequences.

Do I need to see a doctor for a prescription of drugs for potency?
Consulting a doctor is desirable. Even if you have no apparent health problems, your doctor may discover them. If you own a chronic disease – a consultation with a doctor is required! Exclusively a medical representative may give detailed information on the medicament using, and assign the correct dosage.

How to determine the dosage of Sildenafil?
It is better to refer for this the matter to the health worker. If you do not prefer to wait, choose the average dosage of 50 mg (sildenafil is produced in a dose of 25/50/100mg).

Is it possible to use drugs for potency if there are no problems with potency?
There are no clinical contraindications. Any agent that increases the potency will act, even if the male potency problems are observed without causing a noticeable and impressive effect on your erections without any medication. Some, for example, are prescribed for prevention, to disperse the blood in the pelvic area.

But why should I take these medications if everything is fine?
If you are okay with health – enjoy life. Especially that drugs that increase the potency, are not cheap!

How often may I consume the drugs for potency, in particular generic?
Any generic enhancing the potency, should not take more than once a day. Follow this recommendation.

Can Sildenafil replace drugs- originators?
No, sildenafil can not replace drugs- originators. Its function is mere to provoke an erection. Therefore, if you do not have any desire, Sildenafil will not help you.