Austin: proper nutrition
I am also voting for proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. These factors together and celery, generally greens, seafood, protein and Viagra sometimes for confidence, and you are a superhero! My wife is delighted. Believe me, tested myself.

Orlando: negative factors
I know firsthand that alcoholism, smoking and drug using may greatly affect the sexual activity and male desire, and not for the better. Prolonged use of alcohol and nicotine dependence are called among the main causes of erectile dysfunction, even just some months after the cessation of smoking and alcohol consumption. Many men have a perfect potency at old age, others, like me – even at a young age “make misfire”, but both the first and the second type is always in search of means to maintain it.

Mario: Viagra to help
Fish, meat, bread, whole grain, vegetables and fruits … well, what a normal guy coming back after work will eat cabbage and boiled meat?! Go to the doctor and ask him for something worthwhile, such as Viagra. Do not torture yourself with hunger strikes.

George: tablets for emergency
When stopped smoking for the first time it increased my strength. But then again, everything came back to “usual channel”, not increasing my self-esteem. My erection is fine, except that the time and the number of acts are poor. I tried different ways to solve this problem, but the results were just temporary and not very “productive”. I had, so speaking to go to extremes. I started taking tablets on the basis of sildenafil. Everything went drastically in a different way. Always keep Viagra in my nightstand. Sex lasts at least 3 hours, 5-6 times.

Tom: half of dose of sildenafil
My partner reaches orgasm very rarely, for this very long sex has to be, which I can obtain not always. Prolongators could not particularly operate, sex was truly extended, but sometimes the erection was lost. Therefore, it was necessary on the recommendation of a specialist to take half of dose of sildenafil. I did not track the time, but in my opinion, it starts to act faster.

Dylan: look for the cause of poor potency
Thanks to this maximally informative site, I found out that it is necessary to identify and eliminate the reason of the poor potency. And then everything will be restored itself. My husband, for example, has gained this problem on a background of prostatitis. He started taking prescribed medicament, and all the unpleasant symptoms just disappeared, so now he has no potency problems – everything at the highest level.

Steve: generics
There is so great number of tablets for erection. My knowledge is limited just by Viagra, but here is a huge list. For example, I started consuming generic Viagra. It was recommended by a doctor, it is much cheaper, and the effect is the same, just a different manufacturer.