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The support of President D-T moves from ‘ great ‘ to ‘ not impeachable, ‘ even if it is legitimate

In a startling change from the assertion of “good” relations with Ukraine made by President Donald Trump, his defense at his Senate trial argued that a swap in U.S. military assistance for political favours — even if proven — could not be grounds for his impeachment. Trump’s defenders relied on retired professor Alan Dershowitz, a member of their team, who told senators that every politician conflates his own interest with the public interest. “It cannot be impeachable,” he declared Wednesday. Democrats pressed hard to force the Senate to call more witnesses to testify, but Republicans appeared intently focused on bringing […]

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Arabian nations calls immediately meeting on US Mideast Policy

In response to US President Donald Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, the Arab League said it will convene an urgent meeting on Saturday. Hossam Zaki, the pan-Arab body’s deputy secretary, told reporters on Tuesday that Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas would attend to discuss the “so-called Deal of the Century”. The extraordinary meeting comes on the back of a Palestinian request to the League, which is headquartered in Cairo. The controversial plan will be unveiled jointly by Trump […]

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South Africa will put Trump on guard against ‘ untimely ‘ exchange evaluation

The government of South Africa will tell the administration of President Donald Trump that it is premature  and potentially harmful to both economies to review a preferential trade agreement that could put  as much as $2.4bn (R35bn) in exports at risk. The US Trade Representative will start public hearings on Thursday to review the nation’s duty-free access to the US market under the so-called Generalized System of Preferences, its oldest and largest trade-preference program for the world’s poorest economies. That’s after it accepted a complaint from the International Intellectual Property Alliance – a […]

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When Israel decide to invade Jordan territory, what will Palestinians lose?

According to the long-delayed peace plan announced by US President Donald Trump Tuesday, the Jordan Valley, which accounts for nearly a third of the West Bank, “will be under Israeli control.” Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who joined Trump at the announcement, has been adamant that the Jordan Valley fall under full Israeli control, and become an important part of its eastern border. Benny Gantz, Netanyahu’s election rival has made a similar pledge, to annex the Jordan Valley, as a part of his campaign. Jordan […]

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‘ Dismiss such articles ‘: President lawyers terminate the threat against impeachment

President Donald Trump’s attorneys urged the US Senate to reject the charges against him on Tuesday, closing their impeachment defense by accusing the Democrats of bringing him to trial on political grounds. “What they are asking you to do is to throw out a successful president on the eve of an election with no basis and in violation of the constitution,” Trump’s lead defense lawyer Pat Cipollone said. “The American people are entitled to choose their president,” he said. “We urge the Senate to reject these […]

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U.S. lawmakers observe in jury to witnesses in dispute toward Trump impeachment

The U.S. Senate is holding an impeachment trial on charges by the House of Representatives that President Donald Trump abused his powers and obstructed a congressional inquiry into whether he put pressure on Ukraine to investigate Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden. The Republican-controlled Senate is expected to vote as soon as Friday over whether witnesses […]

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U.S. restricts iran’s nuclear organization, renewing nuclear research exemptions

The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions on Iran’s nuclear entity and its top official, the Treasury Department said, but sources said it will allow Russian, Chinese and European firms to continue work at Iranian nuclear sites to make it harder for that country to develop a nuclear weapon. The Trump administration, which in 2018 […]

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M-Z will approach Europe legislators directly, while company faces a host of European challenges

Mark Zuckerberg is going on a lobbying mission to Brussels in February. “Next month, Mark Zuckerberg will travel to Europe to participate in the Munich Security Conference, and meet with European decision-makers in Brussels to discuss a framework for new rules and regulation for the internet,” Facebook confirmed to Business Insider in a statement. “New […]