How To Promote an Anonymous Blog Freely Without Stressing Yourself

How To Promote Blog Easily
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Promoting Blog

Setting up your anonymous blog doesn’t make it any easier likewise how to promote an anonymous blog is not any easier. You need to read through each post before publishing to make sure you don’t leave out any details that can point you out. This includes your living space, physical features, personal stories, and any small quarks that make you unique.

Promotion for anonymous blogging

Generating traffic to an anonymous blog is more difficult because you cannot rely on friends or family for compassionate sharing.

When I started blogging, I think my mom only read the posts. Not being able to get the first little push from your private network means you need to look for other ways to get your blog out there.

This will make guest posting more important. We’ve talked about guest posting as a way to increase your ranking on Google, but it’s also a good way to increase traffic to your website.

Keep in mind that click-through rates on guest post links are only about four or five out of every 100 readers, so you need to do a lot of guest posting to get meaningful traffic. The goal of writing a guest post a week in your first year, is that you will slowly grow your blog and search rankings.

You’ll have to rely more on social media advertising to build your following. This means promoting posts on Facebook for your first few months to get an initial group of 100 likes. These likes usually come from your existing private network, but can be achieved with less advertising costs.

When you advertise on social media, remember to avoid places where people may recognize you.

Don’t be discouraged when your anonymous blog doesn’t grow to 10,000 visitors overnight. It doesn’t happen on any blog. Give it at least a year, and your traffic from Google will start growing and you will build your social community.

How To Promote Blog Easily
How To Promote Blog Easily
How To Make Money On An Anonymous Blog

If your real name is anonymous then there is really no difference between anonymous blogging when it comes to making money. You can still share personal details and stories, build credibility, and increase sales of affiliates and your own products.

You may be limited by a few tricks to make money, such as video courses and selling products through the webinar.

It depends on how far you want to carry your anonymity. There are about three billion Internet users. If you do not share your personal social profiles, the risk of someone who knows your image or video is very low.

Among the top nine strategies for making money blogging, you still have access to self-publishing and affiliates and selling your own products as an anonymous blogger. Self-publishing is a bit more difficult because you can’t promote your books to friends and family, but each book can generate hundreds of dollars a month.

Making Money With The Best Entrepreneurship Books To Read Check out nine strategies to make money with blogging. The books outline nine strategies I use to make money, starting with the easiest and running through thousands of sources of income per month. Each chapter tells you how much you can build and how to set it up on your blog.

Disadvantages and risks to anonymous blogging

Blogging anonymously has some disadvantages. First, it’s hard to build a community when you’re not completely open to readers. There are millions of blogs out there, and the only thing that makes yours different is the personality and personal stories you can share.

One of the most difficult things to do when blogging anonymously is to not share with friends and family. You’ll get the impetus to share your blog success with others, and you’ll want to trust someone else … but those secrets will never be hidden.

Anonymous blogging is not an asshole or a way to solve legal problems. I know an anonymous blogger who has been sued several times for defamation from posts published about a company.

Promoting Blog Using Social Media

Social media will exclude you from being anonymous. Last winter an anonymous blogger friend discovered this when they suggested their blogger profile and picture to someone they knew.

Facebook software matches anyone’s interests with their blogger page, and the blogger’s image is shown in the person’s “pages you like” news feed. Of course, the acquaintances recognized them and shared it with all their friends and family.

If you are worried about going out on social media, don’t use your real picture for your posts or profiles.

There are many reasons you might want to blog anonymously, but you need to see what you share and how you do it. If you follow a few simple steps for anonymous blogging, there is nothing stopping you from making that much money or building a great community.

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