The cost of prescription medications is at a record high. Data shows the per capita spending on prescriptions has grown from $90 to over $1000 in 2017 and that is adjusted for inflation. Per person the average U.S. citizens spends $144 out of pocket for prescribed drugs. One in four people report they have difficulty covering the price of their medicine. Experts predict the cost to continue to soar in upcoming years. The culprit to increased spending is blamed on influx in new brands — without expiring patents — and an uptick in pricing of existing drugs on the market.

Knowing the numbers, it is simple to decipher the motivation for erectile dysfunction sufferers to solicit alternatives to ease their symptoms. Let’s discuss over-the-counter options for a leading ED pill, Cialis.

Is Cialis Right for You?

The ideal candidate for Cialis encompasses the following qualities:

  • Sex two or more times a week. The daily nature of this drug keeps it circulating in the bloodstream constantly and is a good match for consistently sexually active men.
  • Enjoys spontaneity. Forgetting to pop the pill at least 30-60 minutes before intercourse could be a romance killer.
  • Moderate to no alcohol use. Heavy drinking can cause a troublesome drop in blood pressure in some patients.
  • No counteracting or negative interacting medications. Blood pressure meds and others can lower effectiveness or even be dangerous.

About Cialis Over the Counter

According to a pharmacist backed article in Reader’s Digest, many prescription medications are the same as the over the counter versions in higher dosage. For example, prescription ibuprofen is just more milligrams of the same chemicals in one tablet. You could purchase the non-script version and just take more pills. The cost is usually lower, but you may have to forgo insurance coverage so it is best to address these questions with your doctor or pharmacist.

Cialis over the counter can be included as one of those drugs. Most places that offer a non-prescription version sell the 5-milligram doses exclusively. If after experimentation you find you need a higher dose, you could test out taking multiple tablets at a time.

Can You Buy Cialis Over the Counter?

There are two ways to approach getting Cialis off-script:

  • Find a generic version that contains the same active ingredient tadalafil. Generics are subject to different laws, especially if the tablet is small. Sanofi, a French pharmaceuticals company, gained exclusive rights to distribute an off-brand version of Cialis in 2014 in the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Australia.
  • Locate a seller that is subject to alternative pharmaceutical laws. In some countries and provinces, Cialis is classified as an over-the counter medication and can be sold freely.

Where to Buy Cialis Over the Counter

The United Kingdom changed its regulations regarding Viagra, Cialis, and other PDE5 inhibitors a few years ago. Now you only have to answer a survey online with health-related qualifying questions. A licensed physician then grades your responses to determine if it is safe for you to consume the drug. As long as you are a relatively healthy male that is not taking any negatively interacting medications or diagnosed with serious conditions, you should be cleared to buy.

How to Buy Cialis Without a Prescription

The process of how to buy Cialis without a prescription is simpler than you might imagine. The rules are shifting towards allowing low dose Cialis and its generic counterparts without a doctor’s visit. Visit an online pharmacy in a country with rules that permit the sale and with the power of the Internet you can receive it in delivery from your favorite postal worker.

Cialis OTC Alternatives

Cialis OTC and generics with Tadalafil are one avenue to pursue. There are also natural and over the counter alternatives to consider. Vitamins, supplements, and lifestyle changes can be effective in conjunction with pharmaceutical interventions or on their own.

General practitioners will often suggest addresses an underlying condition before treating the erections directly. Curing diabetes, heart disease, obesity, anxiety, and depression can cause a domino effect that leads to harder and more frequent boners.

Preferred Outlet for Cialis Purchase

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