The Upcoming Marketing Videos Are The Future of Marketing But What Video Do?

Video is The Future of Marketing But What Video Do?

The Complete Guide On The Video Marketing

Often, video content is irrelevant, annoying, and almost impossible to escape. Marketers who want to make video content first and foremost need to be careful in making a useful video.

I have heard repeatedly at every conference I’ve covered since 2014: the video is often irrelevant and annoying and almost impossible to escape.

According to Wise well, 63% of marketers currently use video as part of their marketing strategy. And for good reason – Google likes video. Businesses that include video in their strategy can increase the likelihood that Google SERPs will have 53 on the front page.

How Video Are The Upcoming Future Of Internet Marketing But What Type Of Video We Do?

YouTube has more than four billion video views per day, making it the second largest search engine after Google. Video traffic is also expected to surge in the coming months, with 75% of mobile traffic expected to be driven by video traffic by 2020. So your budget will dip into the whole video, right?

Not so fast. Studies show that audiences have a love / hate relationship with videos, and marketers need to be more aware that they are creating the video content that the audience wants instead of making the video.
Some studies suggest that audiences love video – and more than half watch Facebook or YouTube videos at least an hour a week

It is no lie that most of us watch more videos than ever before. A video from a candle company that burns a 10-second scroll through my Instagram feed, a baker who adds tea party-inspired decorations to a cake, and shots of a beautiful pair of Oxford in different colors from different angles.
Other studies suggest that video audiences are annoyed and 85% of Facebook users watch video without sound

There is a chance that people will not like your video as all these studies have led you to believe. I feel like I’m not the only person who silences a laptop and phone before entering online.

Digitize reports that 85% of Facebook users watch video without sound. What’s more, most consumers, 82%, say they’ve closed a web page because of an auto play video.

Users are looking for utility in video content

The average web viewer is focused on their interests and needs when using video. It makes sense. I have never felt that helping a brand by clicking on their ad. Marketers who want to make video must first and foremost be careful in making useful video.

Video is The Future of Marketing But What Video Do?

Important Role Of Video Marketing In Future

According to Accenture Interactive, 54% of consumers rely on video to learn how to use a product. Focusing on the customer – what they need to know about a product to get the best experience – is one way to ensure that your video adds value.

Consumers who are in the decision-making stage of the buyer’s journey are also looking for a video that helps them better understand a product. In fact, 50% of Internet users are looking for a video related to a product or service before making a purchase.
It may be time to stop thinking in terms of “viral” videos

While video is becoming a key part of most brands’ marketing strategies, experts agree that expectations for what video can and cannot do need to be re-evaluated.

In a recent webinar with Open Tech’s video marketing manager, Curtis Thomas Click Seed, it is time to remove the word “viral” from our video vocabulary.

“Instead of portraying the success of family members as exclusively for baby sharks and dogs, it’s important to focus on the real and concrete goals in your organizations,” says Thomas. “Define what it means to be at the beginning of success. Does your video mainly help end sales? If so, a million views are not nearly as important as a view from the right person. Having defined goals can inform your content and give marketers and content creators a way to define your own success. ”

There are no magic numbers for what your video-to-text-based content ratio should be and video content help consumers understand  brand and Might be a good place to start.

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