What To Expect From Microsoft’s Surface Hardware Event

What To Expect From Microsoft’s Surface Hardware Event
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Microsoft is hosting a major Surface Hardware event in New York City on Wednesday, October 2. The company has been mocking the show regularly on Twitter and even inviting surface fans to participate. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will be accompanied by Surface Head Panos Panay.

We seem to be at the center of an important event that is bigger or bigger than the Surface 2015 event, which was introduced by the Surface Book, Microsoft Band 2, Surface Pro 4 and the three Lumia phones.

There haven’t been any major leaks of what we’ll see on Wednesday, but rumors suggest that we’ll see some updates on popular devices such as the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop, along with the new cryptocurrency ARM-powered Surface. The most important part of the day is the dual screen plans for Microsoft Surface and beyond and the new Windows variant to make those plans a reality. Let’s explore what is likely and unlikely to be seen on Wednesday.

Surface Pro 7

Microsoft updated the Surface Pro line-up with a sixth edition last year with a new black matte finish, but without USB-C connectivity. We expect the Surface Pro 7 to be completed on Wednesday, with USB-C support. It is unclear how Microsoft will add USB-C to its Surface Pro 7, but we expect the company to replace the mini-display port with USB-C and keep the USB-A port for compatibility. The patents from earlier this year suggested that we might see some kind of new Surface type cover with future Surface Pro.

Outside of USB-C, the Surface Pro 7 will include Intel’s latest tenth-gen processors and perhaps some new color options (according to rumors). There may even be a new Surface Pen with wireless charging, and recently the FCC filing revealed that a new stylus is on the way.

ARM-Powered Surface

It is speculated that Microsoft has been working on an ARM-powered surface for months now, and we may see it unveiled on Wednesday. Unlike previous surfaces within the Nvidia Tetra ARM chips (Surface RT and Surface 2), it is speculated that Microsoft is working with Communal on this particular surface. That means the device will run on Qualm’s latest 8X chip, which was first unveiled a year ago.

We haven’t seen many ARM-powered Windows laptops throughout 2019, but Samsung recently surprised us with its new Galaxy Book S and its 23-hour battery life. If Microsoft creates a Qualcomm-powered surface, other OEMs need to take this kind of device seriously. Windows on ARM is still far behind standard Windows 10, thanks to some app compatibility and poor performance from previous Qualcomm chips, but the Snapdragon 8X can change things.

Little details have been leaked about Microsoft’s Surface ARM plans, and it’s unclear what kind of device this processor is. Microsoft Leaker WalkingCat has revealed that Microsoft can launch the “Surface Pro with lightweight Bezels and LTE”. It could be the rumored ARM-powered device. LTE is a natural byproduct of using Qualcomm’s chips, and you expect a design different from the traditional Surface Pro. If the rumors are accurate, it’s no wonder Microsoft is using it

Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft will launch the new Surface Laptop 3 models on Wednesday. The current Surface Laptop 2 comes in just the 13.5-inch version, and Microsoft is likely to release the 15-inch model. There are also speculations that Microsoft will be using AMD processors on the Surface Laptop for the first time. If you combine the AMD rumors and the 15-inch rumors, you’ll see a large Surface Laptop 3 with AMD chips inside.

It is unclear whether the 13.5-inch smaller model will be refreshed or will include the AMD chips, but it will be surprising to see Microsoft launch a Surface Laptop 3 in a new size, not updated on the smaller model.

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 may appear without the infamous Alcantara fabric covering. WalkingCat hinted that Microsoft could launch a Surface Laptop 3 without Alcantara and include removable SSDs as an option. If both changes are correct, they will appeal to many commercial customers who do not want to swap out the drives and look for that luxurious handbag like the Alcantara fabric.

Windows Light and Surface Dual Screen

The biggest surprise of the day is that Microsoft is mocking the future of Windows.

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